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hi ben im building a app for freelancers and small businesses is there a way i can change the screens for different types of users.
like if someone wanted to register as a business they’ll get more features than people registering as customers.
sorry if you dont understand im new

Is it possible to have a conditional status indicator? I want users (employees) to be able to flag one of the shared assets as “Un-usable, or Inactive”. I have the boolean built in for the list of assets… and I’ve figured out a way for them to “Push the button to flip the switch” but I don’t have a way to highlight that asset as red. I also plan on setting this so that if the boolean is false, that the asset doesn’t get put into the use cycle when customers start getting aligned with the assets.

I’m guessing you already had answer to this question, but yes you can set a property for roles and provide users with specific roles. Then using conditional actions and visibility rules you can direct them to what they can have access to.

You can filter your list so that it will only show boolean true records. As for changing the color you would need to set up visibility rules. To show red when this is true/present.

Hi. I am trying to connect adalo with PDF.co and I need a output from adalo, starting with http:// or https://. Is there any idea how may I find it?

Yes, there is a default “url” extension to a file property in a collection.

I need to connect to a MYSQL database, é possível? Como?

hi everyone, I would like to know if you can connect ADALO to an external DATABASE as a firebase. I am creating an app like instgram and I need a database with a lot of capacity. IF it is possible is there a guide explaining how to do it? If this is not possible, is there an alternative way? how many users can the ADALO database contain? thanks