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hi ben im building a app for freelancers and small businesses is there a way i can change the screens for different types of users.
like if someone wanted to register as a business they’ll get more features than people registering as customers.
sorry if you dont understand im new

Is it possible to have a conditional status indicator? I want users (employees) to be able to flag one of the shared assets as “Un-usable, or Inactive”. I have the boolean built in for the list of assets… and I’ve figured out a way for them to “Push the button to flip the switch” but I don’t have a way to highlight that asset as red. I also plan on setting this so that if the boolean is false, that the asset doesn’t get put into the use cycle when customers start getting aligned with the assets.

I’m guessing you already had answer to this question, but yes you can set a property for roles and provide users with specific roles. Then using conditional actions and visibility rules you can direct them to what they can have access to.

You can filter your list so that it will only show boolean true records. As for changing the color you would need to set up visibility rules. To show red when this is true/present.

Hi. I am trying to connect adalo with PDF.co and I need a output from adalo, starting with http:// or https://. Is there any idea how may I find it?

Yes, there is a default “url” extension to a file property in a collection.

I need to connect to a MYSQL database, é possível? Como?

hi everyone, I would like to know if you can connect ADALO to an external DATABASE as a firebase. I am creating an app like instgram and I need a database with a lot of capacity. IF it is possible is there a guide explaining how to do it? If this is not possible, is there an alternative way? how many users can the ADALO database contain? thanks

Hi everyone!

I’m a bit confused as to why some components (buttons or icons) on my app don’t stay in a fixed position as they’re set in the app builder when I’m looking at the PWA.

I’ve been thoroughly reading the help forum, but can’t seem to find any solution or answer to clarify it.

Also, I’ve read there’s a difference between the PWA and the native app in how they work. So when I try to test the app, should I be using the PWA at all?

I’m a bit confused as to why some components (buttons or icons) on my app don’t stay in a fixed position as they’re set in the app builder when I’m looking at the PWA.

You will need to edit the style of that component or group and select the “Fixed” position property of Top or Bottom.

Thanks, Colin!

I thought I had done that already, but I’ll have a look again. :slight_smile:

Hi guys!
I’m new to Adalo. Is there any way I can create a dictionary app?

I posted a separate thread but hoping for a bit of guidance on whether it’s possible to build an app for booking rooms. Unlike the similar examples I’ve seen where a teacher creates available slots (like office hours) and the student searches for those available slots based on a preferred time, I need a way to filter a list based on rooms not booked at a given time. It’s the inverse of the scenario I’ve found.

Hello, question about google map component. Is it possible to use user png icons different than regular one? For example if i give coordination of landmark - i use one icon, if school - another and etc?

I would like to make a button that’s a down counter whenever the user clicks E.G: the text starts at number 16 and whenever the user presses the number goes down until 0. Please help me with making that function

Hi there!

I have a question regarding some text which I have included in a modal in my app.

As you can see in the image below, I have a search bar and simple list where the user can search for other users and invite them to have access to a particular file (similar to OneDrive or Google Docs etc)

How do I change the magic text to replace the search term to the actual email which has been clicked on? So in this case, I would like the text to read:

“Would you like to give brandon@example,com access to this file?”

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ben,
I have been using adalo for a year now,
Just today i got a mail for payment of my susbscription for a month and just like everytime i made the payment .
Mistakenly i just clicked on yearly subscription and $462 was deducted from my account.
That payment was for my rent and i would be without a house as well as i have been paying monthly. Please just refund that amount to my account.I have already cancelled that subscription.Called bank as well to cancel it.I have also put ticket.Its an urgent matter.Please help.
I am in deep trouble.
Need your help.
Its an urgent priority
Thanks & regards
Abdullah Cutlerywala

Thanks all at adalo…They just refunded it back to my account…Its best customer experience i have got…
Thank you all so much
Hatsoff to Adalo Team