Adalo API Callbacks

I want to include a Strava integration in my app, and per the Strava API docs they recommend the use of webhooks to receive new strava events but…is there any way to even handle these requests this is Adalo?

For example, an application must first “subscribe” to receive the webhook events, but completing this process requires validating the callback address to the Strava webhook system can I can’t find any Strava API documentation regarding the use of callbacks.

Furthermore, the Adalop API documentation DOES outline certain parameters that must be contained in all API requests, and I don’t believe those are contained in the Strava Post requests.

Asking for advice/help as to where to invest my time: is this something that can be accomplished in Adalo today, or is 100% going to require custom code and the use of an external collection(s)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @glamour_hammer,

I’ve had an experience of successful Strava integration. Though this is definitely a non-trivial task. Please feel free to contact me directly for details.


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