Adalo discord server!

I created a discord server to get help quicker and more efficiently please do join the more members the better!!!
link: Discord

note this in NOT an official discord server (unless Adalo wants to)

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Invite is invalid, can you send a new link?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply here is an updated link: Discord

It’s good but some channels are empty

Hey, the server link not work, can you fix?

I think it’s expired! Try again!

Hi! Thank you so much for creating a Discord server for the Adalo community! This is a great idea and will help people get the help they need more quickly and efficiently. I will definitely join the server and encourage others to do the same. If you need help moderating the server, I can help you. I have had a great experience with this because I have managed a few art discord servers since 2019 and know how to promote the server right. Thanks again for creating this server and making it available to the Adalo community!

Thank you for joining! I am not longer active in the community I can transfer the ownership to you since you seem very fit to run it. Let me know if you’re interested.