Adalo giving me the Joomla Vibe

Adalo is giving me the Joomla vibe ( for those old enough), the Joomla of 12 years ago, when I would create something, and wake up the next day for the application to react and do things its not supposed to… I m just frustrated and venting, with my google ads running and users signing up, each single one, the sign-up process broke at a crucial step, THAT I tested times and times again, yet few hours later, it breaks.

The “company” relation is supposed to be set on submit…works and then breaks.

Is anyone having issues randomly for no reason?
is this the right away to automatically assign the user to the new company he creates? I tried few things, it works…few google ads and money wasted, I find users abandon the process because guess what…it stopped working…whats going on

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