Adalo shows slightly different text in contrast to the database

HI all,

this is another WTF experience that I have had with Adalo → due to these kind of issues, I will switch my app to Bubble. Sorry…

However, could you please help me to resolve my issue? I have an item within the Xano DB. This item is displayed on the frontend in Adalo and Adalo for whatever reason slightly edits the text (which does not make any sense in my language).

Original Xano DB record (specific word highlighted)

Frontend in Adalo

For whatever reason, it shows 2 letters extra…I am 100% sure it’s the same record. Has this happened to anyone before?

Thank you, Lukas


That’s weird! Didn’t faced this kind of a issue. Maybe @theadaloguy , @Rozza knows? If you like send me a personal message and I’ll look into it!

Try searching the name displayed in the adalo editor on xano db.

Not come across this. The first thing I’d do is check Xano request history to see what was returned as output. Then we can know for sure the issue is happening on Adalo side, rather than Xano.

Once confirmed Xano sends it correctly, I’d then delete the text component, and adding it there again in case there is a glitch on the original textbox you made.

Beyond that might need to submit a support ticket, or Dilon might take a look first.

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Thanks guys!

Unfortunately I cannot find the request in Xano anymore but we have not found any other similar case. Will keep you posted if another incident occurs…

:rofl: +1

I love you, Adalo. Let’s get the basics working.

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