Add a record on "Users" table via API

Hi there, I’m trying to add a record on Users Table via API.
In Postman I have this

Type: POST
URL: The EndPoint (The API Documentation option in Users Table)
“User”: “Test”,
“Username”: “Test”,
“Full Name”: “Prueba Test”

Authorization: Bearer token

Error message: Request failed with status code 500

What Can It be?

I think you didn’t include an email and password on your request, these are both mandatory fields i believe.


Hi @theadaloguy - I am trying to use Postman to create multiple users by populating the Users table in a Supabase project. I can get it working when doing one user at a time using the following raw json:

  "email": "",
  "password": "password"

Any ideas how I could do multiple users at a time?

I have changed that and still not working… see:

@MatCas The email field should be called email, not User. this could be the issue

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I’m not familiar with Supabase and how it accepts api calls. I assume you could just loop through the users you want to add. I don’t think that can be done on postman though.