Add multiple products for invoice

Hello guys, I am new to all this and I could use some help. I am making a GST TAX Invoice app and it works fine, I have a page for users to add new customers, a page to add new products, and a tax invoice page. I get combined data from the tax invoice page and it is saved. But I have only been able to implement it in such a way that only a single product details can be entered. How do I get to add more than one product if the customer needs it. Also in the fields like net value and total and grand total, I have applied math formulas so the app makes the calculations automatically and I would like to keep that feature while implementing it for multiple products.

Requesting help from you guys as I am unable to figure it out, Also requesting you guys to explain it in very simple terms as like I said, I am new to this and don’t really know the full potential.

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