Add/Update form dilemma: How to block users from entering form twice?

Hi Team Adalo,

My first thread in the new forum. :hugs:

I want users to add their organization fields in a form (screen Add Org) but while doing so i have one auto-create OrgID field which is not visible. This OrgID will remain as is throughout.

But this Org value can change except the OrgID. So users should be able to update (screen Update org).

The dilemma is how should i make these 2 screens visible?

  1. First user should find Add Org screen
  2. If users want to Add one more organization, they can do it by opening Add Org screen again.
  3. Next when they want to update they should find only Update Org screen and not Add Org.

How can i do this? I don’t want to have 2 tabs saying “Add” and “Update”… is this something we can manage using some UI/UX tricks

So I think there are a couple of things going on here. First, to make an “edit” screen, you’ll have to link from either a list of orgs or an org detail page. This is because we need to know which org you’re editing. I am assuming you have a many-to-many relationship between users and orgs.

What I’d probably do is create a “my orgs” page and then let them click each to edit it or create a new one with a separate button. But there are many other variations that could work!

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In normal use case, a user will create 1 or 2 orgs at max, so i will try to tuck them in Left Nav Bar/Screen or something.

That will require 2 separate buttons as i explained above.

I had a similar problem. I have a table of Projects, a table of quantity (of a specific items moved into a specific project) and a table Items. ( Projects -< Quantity >-Items ) So I have a button to create a record of Quantity but I don’t want more than one record for a combination of 1 Project/Items… So I cover it with “a list” of the same record wich mostly contains a big opaque rectangle. When I press the button, the record is created, become visible and hide the button that made it.

I’m not proud of myself but it has done the job, The beauty of it is that it work even embed into an other list (and other case where the “hide” fonction is limited). I’ll try solving my problem by looking into the relations, if there’s someone who have an hit to help me patch it for real that will be appreciate :slight_smile: Thank you in advance

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Hi Nao,

One thing you can do is great two different groups of buttons. One group could emphasize the Create Organizaion button, and the other group could emphasize the Update organization button (which in itself would be a list of the user’s organizations)

Then you could add visibility rules to the two groups so that one is visible if the user’s organization count = 0 and the other visibile if the count is > 0

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Hi Nath,

In your list of Items, if it is a custom list, then you could make a group out of the components that make up the the list item, and then change the visibility of the group to only be visible if the Current Project > Quantity > Items Count is equal to 0, with a filter of Item Name is equal to current Item Name