Adding a vacancy as collection in database

I would like to be assisted with suggestions of what should be the best Properties for Vacancies as a collection in my databases .

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Job Vacancies right? You would need a text property to store the Job Vacancy name , then you would need a another text property like to store the description ( if you like ) , then you can create a image property to store a image of that job ( only if you like ) , then you would need a One to Many relationship between this collection and the users collection to store the job vacancy creator like the CEO creates it or Manager creates it , and then you would need a number property to store the price and lastly you would need two many to many relationship properties to store the requested users and accepted users/working users.

I guess you are new to Adalo? I suggest to first start with a text property ( for name ) and another text property ( description) and a number property ( salary) and then you can develop it further! And here’s the docs about Databases! : Database - Adalo Resources

Thank you

Thank you so much for your assistance highly appreciated.

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