Adding Email Capture Form

Trying to add an email capture form to the last page of my app, is there a way to do this?

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Hi @Kitty,

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Not sure about the Email Capture form but I think it’s something like the user needs to enter the email? Is it possible to explain what you need a bit?

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Please, provide a more detailed description.

Or include a screen recording (I recommend Loom) to help us visualise what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the response @dilon_perera,
@charleshope . I’m pretty new at affiliate marketing, but at this point, I feel confident enough to launch my business, and continue learning as I go. There are a ton of free resources out there to learn about this, and I’m thankful for them all. What I meant is, I wondered if I could add an email capture form/screen to the last page of my app… That way I could start building an email list. I know that it’s not necessary to have this, but thought I’d try from the get go. I actually had added a form from the actions menu onto my last screen and omitted everything but email (sign up), but when I tried entering email I got an error message " this email is already in use". I tried a different email… same error. I realized that is what is set as a default message. I deleted that but still having same issue. At this time, I omitted that last screen page, (because I couldn’t figure out) and I decided to launch my app anyway, and reach out to the forum for help. This is my first launch! It’s exciting, but stressful too. I launched about 14 hours ago… :grinning:, but no sales as of yet. I need more experience on free advertising… watching several yt videos. I’m going to keep grinding at it, the possibilities are endless. Thanks y’all, hopefully u could help!

Hi Jessica,

You mean that the users can enter emails at the last screen and it creates a record after the button clicked? And then display them all in a list for all users? Correct?

And Congratulations on your launch! :partying_face:

Wishing you the best of luck!

Thank you