Almost $70K in app actions? Am I wrong

This post is more a letter to Adalo than anything…
I have been working on an App within Adalo for about 4 months now and have been worried about the app actions. As I get closer to launching my App, I see that there may very well be big problems with app action limitations. It is unreasonable and I do not see how any application can be taken to scale with Adalo. Your actions are almost always going to outway any amount you could charge your users (please correct me if I am wrong.)
Here is an example: In the course by Adalo - Location Master Class: Building A Gig Economy Delivery App (Think Uber)
The course talks about setting up an action that pings a DB collection every second to update a driver about requests. That would be 3600 actions per hour (correct me if I am wrong, please)
So this means that just one user (doesn’t even include the customer side-this is just the driver) would use 36,000 app actions in one 10 hour shift. At $65.00 per 30,000 app actions that would at least $65.00 X 30= $1950.00 a month. Now simple look at the number. Let’s say you are luck enough to get 35 users. Would that mean you would have $68, 250.00 in app actions in one month?

Please let me know if I am wrong and explain how.

Hi @Lynk
I think if you should reach out to support and see if they are open to some kind of ‘cap’ on charging for Actions over their max 500,000 included in the highest tier.

Sure, everybody needs to make a buck, and maybe they would rather keep a customer on that basis.

I didn’t get hit with $70K, I am just wondering if that is what the bill would be?

Yeah I didn’t think you had. What I meant was, if an app is going to cost $70k in actions, then you will build elsewhere either custom code or no-code. One would hope that Adalo would rather keep an app on their platform for a recurring top tier subscription, rather than lose it altogether.

When the pricing of Actions was introduced I made the point that only certain types of apps can economically exist on Adalo… low value & high interaction is not one of them. Even a freemium model has to convert a user to revenue very quickly. These conversations are either buried on the forum or hidden from view.

It makes you wonder what the true motive of Adalo is. I dont know but I wish I did. I hope it is to grow the platform and no-code but with those type of fees it makes me feel like it is something else.

To pick backend service and app builder is v.important. For example, I am paying 0.03 US cents for 100K actions and only for DB usage (local actions for free). But pricing depends on how much you use video media (it’s pain in head for every app developer), plus how strong you want your app would be (CDN service for example). My app can easily handle 200K API calls via 1 sec. Have real-time DB in pocket. Now I am thinking to implement SQLite DB (it’s for free).So here we coming to the most important side of app - backend.

Can I ask the name of your app? Also, what backend DB are you using? Is it Xano?

Soon I will show it. I don’t use Xano. I don’t know how works apps like uber, but I guess they using real-time DB. If yes, so every sec it would cost 1 write and 1 read in DB (you probably will need not only to make record in DB, but to show for user and result). so 1 min would cost 60 writes :heavy_plus_sign: 60 reads, so 120. So 1H would cost about 7.2K writes/reads. It means, that 10 h - 72 K and we talking about that sum - 0.02 US cents. But there and other stuff, so probably max 10 cents would cost 10H and its hard to say how would it cost exactly, but I have now doubts, that it wouldn’t cost more than 1 dollar. And I am building social app, so know only about that stuff (chats, posts and so on).

Im having the same problem now. I build a delivery platform that requires real time location tracking and order status tracking. With or without real orders or paying customers, as long as both customers and drivers are using the app, it counts a lot of app actions.

Yeah it makes no sense at all! Create a product (Adalo) and then make it impossible to use to scale up. The good news is that I think we are both kind of wrong. Go to the help docs and look up app actions and it states that if you have a business plan ($250.00 a month) that an extra 200,000 actions on top of the 500,000 is only $10.00 bucks a months. That being said it is something be aware of when you are developing an app. Try to limit actions as much as possible.

I saw this: 40$ for extra 75K actions. And if 200K actions would cost 10$, actually it’s nth changes. For example I am counting, that one user will cost me about 600K actions and it’s talking only about work with DB, other actions are for free. So it personally for me will cost about 0.5$. I am building social app, with all chat functionality post and etc. For example sending message cost for me 14 actions. In my app are huge amount with actions which aren’t connected with DB. So I am in that opinion, that every person must choose what he want and where he feels good. Here is sending message actions schema. It’s working in real time, because it’s real time chat:)