Andriodx.fragment:fragment:1.0.0 (continued)

I can’t post more than 3 replays in forum ‘andriodx.fragment:fragment:1.0.0’, so I’ll continue the thought here.

And for more understing how to fix it, I will show how easely Adalo can fix it. In build.gradle (Module: app) yuo must find line where you have defined the Fragment library, which looks something like this:

implementation 'androidx.fragment:fragment:1.0.0'

When you finding that line, need to replace 1.0.0 with the latest version. And it would look like this:

implementation 'androidx.fragment:fragment:1.5.7' // this version would work fine:)

And that’s it guys. Simple? Yes:) You or I can do this - no, we can’t acces to that stuff. And one more intresting fact - in September 2021, the latest stable version is 1.3.6, now - probably 1.5.7. Version 1.0.0. was realesed in 2018.

I hope I’ve helped you understand what the problem is. If I have made mistakes, please refute them with arguments, and if not, draw your own conclusions.

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