Another day - another build bug

IOS. Before working app. build Error

excodebuild -showBuildSettings timed out after 4 retries with a base timeout of 3. You can override the base timeout value with the environment variable FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_TIMEOUT, and the number of retries with the environment variable FASTLANE_XCODEBUILD_SETTINGS_RETRIES e

its getting wilder and wilder. I think apple has some issues, again. Anybody else problem building ios apps currently?

/Library/Ruby/Gems/2.6.0/gems/fastlane-2.205.0/spaceship/lib/spaceship/client.rb:771:in `parse_response’: {“responseId”=>“30fe4d57-f68b-4559-ab17-bc57e0b4c431”, “resultCode”=>1100, “resultString”=>“Your session has expired. Please log in.”, “userString”=>“Your session has expired. Please log in.”, “creationTimestamp”=>“2022-03-23T19:32:58Z”, “protocolVersion”=>“QH65B2”, “userLocale”=>“en_US”, “requestUrl”=>“”, “httpCode”=>200} (Spaceship::UnexpectedResponse)

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