Anyone using the Adalo Subscripton component Beta?

Hi, All:

Anyone out there using the Adalo beta for IAP subscriptions?

I’m trying to set it up and i’m just about done, but have a question, and Adalos instructions were pretty much “ask the community”

My question is- When setting up the Verify receipt custom action, it runs right before the update user action. You have to set one of these custom actions up for both Android and iOS, along with an update user right after each. Do they override each other?

I obviously want both Android and iOS users to be able to subscribe, I just want to make sure if an iOS user subscribes and the API gets the info it needs and writes it to the user, that when it tries to do the pull for Android it doesnt override the iOS information.

This is currently how I have it setup:

Verify Receipt iOS:

Update the user:

Verify Receipt Android:

Update User:

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Just bumping this post in case someone using the beta sees it.

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Last bump before submitting an Adalo ticket.

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