API Call with filter

Hello guys,

Imagine i want to filter a Google Places API but with coustom filters

Place : Cinema
Filter: ONLY cinemas with leather seats.

I understand that i Will need to input that info somehere but is this even possible? With a external API?


Hey there @AfonsoMarques

I don’t believe that’s currently possible with Google Places API. You CAN filter by the place type. To filter, you’d need to add the “type” parameter with the value “movie_theater” to create the filter. Place Types  |  Places API  |  Google Developers

Alternatively, MovieGlu has an API for Cinemas. The API for Movies, Theaters and Showtimes | GET cinemaLiveSearch

However, I do not see the capability to filter by leather seats with either option.

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Thanks for your reply, i’m trying to build a app that shown that items based on the likes of the user.
But i think i need to create a database from the gound up