API Update - Force Key presence in payload

Dear Adalo Community

This is my first day in Adalo. It looks great and I am happy to have found it.

I am struggling while forming an UPDATE API Call from ADALO to TEAMDESK (the database to which I connect ADALO).

The situation is :

  • I have modified the record “index ID=1” in ADALO via a form.
  • I want to update this change in TEAMDESK.
  • Therefore I am having ADALO place an API Call to TEAMDESK

TEAMDESK API Structure needs to have the index ID=1 information in the payload of the POST call, not on the HTTP line.

I understand ADALO normal way to work places the ID information in the HTTP Line.
ADALO places the [ID =1] sequence in the payload of the call only if the ID property is present in the form. I do not want that - as ID should not be edited by the user.

My Question is:

  • Is there a way to force the presence of the ID=1 requirement in the Payload of the API Call made by Adalo ?
  • Or this there a way to hide the property ID in the form without compromising its presence in the payload.

Kind regards,


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