App appears corrupted, wrong colors and screens not in line

Hello All,

If you are in the middle of working and for some reason your app appears corrupted and the data is completely messed up, as in messed up colors and wire frames are all over the place. Please delete all browsing history/cookies/cache for past 7 hours. Reload Adalo, and all will be well. This happened to me and I decided to do that solution instead of having a heart attack. Much cheaper.

Per Request* I do not actually have a screen shot of this, but basically it was as though all of the screens turned a pink hue type color outline, all the buttons turned a really strange white, and all the screens were moved to the right but not in an orderly fashion, some were on top of each other like a deck of cards. If it does happen again, I will try and post what it looks like.

Cheers! :beers:

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Hi @DeltaBravo,

Thanks again for the report and fix for this bug. Again, I haven’t ever seeen or heard of this one either, can you please post a screenshot of this the next time it occurs so that we may investigate this?

I have moved the topic to the bugs category.