App doesn't seem to retrieve values from collection

I am building a mortgage payment calculator app. The app is built of 3 collections:
Users, Loans and Interest Rates. One user can be related to many loans and one interest rate can be related to many loans. I first ask the user to enter the loan amount and the interest rate.

And the app attempts to take the input interest rate and to retrieve a (factor) that is associated with that interest rate that is to be multiplied times the number or thousands of dollars in the loan for example (loan $100,000 has 100 thousands).

In order to test the relationships I added 2 extra fields for now to show the loan amount divided by 1000 and to show the retrieved factor.

When I run it, the other values display fine but it doesn’t show anything for the interest rate factor

In order to set this up I hit magic text, and selected Current Loan, Interest Rate, Factor

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? How can I retrieve the factor?

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