App with external login doesn't stay logged in

Title says it, I’m using the External Login Beta to login an external user in two different apps - a consumer facing one and a management one. The consumer one stays logged in but the management one doesn’t. I’m working with a Bubble backend. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Are you testing these natively or in web preview? We’ve found varying results testing on the web, but native seems to work fine.

I just noticed my API base url won’t update. Apparently it’s still set to my test link and when I change it to my public link and save it, it switches back.

P.S Testing in TestFlight

Hm interesting issue. We’ve been able to change the base url for an external beta user app before. I might submit a ticket to adalo and let them know there’re issues changing it.

Seems to work now, might be worth noting that clicking 'save & exit right from the test results doesn’t update the link. You have to continue first and then save & exit. At least that’s what did the trick for me.

Also, I’m getting error logs on my TestFlight builds today. Both apps, tried several times, haven’t made any changes that could trigger the error I think.

iOS builds are down right now:


Noticed right after I replied, thanks!