Apple App Beta Formatting Issues

Hey guys!

I’m currently running a TestFlight build of my app and I’m running into some weird formatting. Mainly on my onboarding pages and login page. For the onboarding pages, it looks like the texts are cut off on one line, the multi-line toggle didn’t stick.

And for the login page, the login form and all page buttons and text were scrunched up into one tight line of components. All other parts of the app formatting properly, including other forms.

Any idea what caused the login form or text to behave in this manner?

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How does it look in the PWA?

Try re-building the form yourself using text fields, instead of the template login, maybe this might work ?

I noticed this to in the sign in page not onlythe entry fields but also the letters look scrunched

It looks just fine in the PWA. I’ll try it out with the custom text fields.