Application to help Ukrainian people survive


I am planning to start ASAP creating an app to help with:

  • finding a shelter via a mobile app

  • finding a job

  • finding vital information in unknown surrounding

Would appreciate any suggestion on how to best structure the app, because I am just a beginner, very fresh, so I will do and learn at the same time.

I will keep updating on my progress. If that’s ok.

Thank you

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Hi ! Thank you for helping Ukrainian people. I had same idea but I canceled on road because I don’t have time. If you want I can send you a little cloneable app for people want to purpose their house or for people need house. With language selection, etc.

There is some screen and the link. I think this is a good starter. 4 days to making this app.

Appy (

Many thanks, please do send that to me.

Below is what I start sketching.

Screen 1


Screen 2
Registering your ID with this App + contact details

Screen 3
Registering your family details (SEEKER)

Screen 4
Registering your shelter/home details available for seekers (PROVIDER)

So far I am expecting following challenges:

1 how to make program multi lingual - because PROVIDERs are from very different countries

2 how to connect to existing services such as simple pull down menus to select country / area and address

3 how to take selfie

4 how to cooperate (if possible) with other services/platforms such Airtable or/and Notion where I could arrange some database

(!) 5 how to make the application stable with many users - i heard that Adalo app can just freeze if too many people same time start using it, or if database size becomes too large, and so on

  • re: (1) - so far found and looking at the below

more :re (1) - I meant by multilingual to have a possibility to (1) choose the language of the whole interface in the App (2) translate any message (in any recognizable language) into the chosen language of the App, similarly to how it is done in many common apps now such as Google maps reviews, TripAdvisor, etc

If anyone is willing to partake, please do

for example in design

to use something like that as a background (so far I will use exactly that)

to speed up, i decided to make it 2 lingual, 1 in English, 1 in Ukrainian, that’s it for now. If anyone could suggest later an improvement, I will try to modify, but at this time I don’t know exactly how to do that so I around it

How to verify a mobile phone via text message?

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