Apps Crashing and Freezing

Hello everyone,

I have an issue and would appreciate any help on it. My app doesn’t seem to be working on both the web and android.

On the web when you open it, it just stays on one screen and doesn’t move. On android when you install for the first time it works but when you go and check the app again it won’t work, you will have to delete and then reinstall it again before it starts working.

Here is the web app link: Hyper - Nestcoin

This just started happening late last week and I haven’t found a fix for it. Please help.

My guess is its got to do with the conditional actions you may have set (or not) on the welcome/splash screen for countdown timer + navigation. Users who are not signed in are navigated, but if they are then something should happen but its not.

Other experts can advise. But it would help if you can share screenshots of list of actions when user visits the purple hyper screen and all related screens.

Alright let me look into this and share. Thank you.

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