Appstore Rejected my app due to "Hidden Transaccions"

The thing is my app doesnt have any transaccions at all. We will put ads components as soon as they approve the app.

Appstore doesnt provide any sort of proof of where the bug might be.

There are no stripe components of any type in the app.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

I have not gone through the process of applying to the App Store or Google play yet, but just a thought…

In your app application, are you stating there will be or are ads/revenue generating components?

Maybe they’re expecting to find the ones you plan to add later and can’t.

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It actually sounds like a good idea, the weird thing is that I looked everywhere in app store conect but I couldnt find where are you supposed to let them know your app actually contains adds.

Has anyone done this before?

You can leave notes for the reviewer. Also, you can reply to their rejection and ask for some clarification, sometimes they are helpful and point you in the right direction.

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Thanks guys, that was the problem, I just told the team about the admob future of the app and they approve it right away

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