Assign specific inventory to specific unit

I have a screen with a simple list of units (ex. 101, 102, 103, 104 etc)
From that simple list, i want it to link to a new screen that has a dashboard with inventory for each individual unit.
So i click on unit 101, it takes me to a dashboard with a card list. The card list would have information such as the color of the shirt, type of shirt, order number, a picture of the item. But only for that specific unit.

Then i also have another screen in which i can add a new item, once a new item is added. I want to assign it to a particular unit and make it create a new card on the cardlist. Can anyone help with this please

Hello, For the dashboard of each unit, you can add an action to the units list that is (Link to the dashboard screen), then the data of the current clicked unit is transported to this screen and you can access there the information about this unit only. About the screen where you want to create a new card for a specific unit, you should create a relationship between the (Units) collection and the cards collection, which is (Each unit can have multiple cards, and each card belongs to one unit). After that, you can do 1 of 2 things :
1- Add a button to the units list which will link you to a new screen where you’re gonna add a new card for this specific unit.
2- You can add a button in the dashboard screen, where it will also link you to a new screen where you’re gonna create a new card for this specific unit.