Assigning a user to a specific dataset

Hiya guys, new here as you can likely tell. I’m loving Adalo and have been digging through the Motivate template.

I have a question regarding a coach > student relationship. How would I go about assigning a coach to a specific group of athletes on a team choice? So that when logged in, those are the ones that are shown to the coach.

I’m currently testing a few ideas, but wanted to reach out here as well.

So the scenario is;

  • Coach of a team signs up
  • Coach chooses team from dropdown and begins adding players
  • Coach can only see players of his Team (A) and not players from Team (B/C/D etc)

With this scenario you can run into the potential problem where an athlete signs up as a Coach to see the other Athletes stats and such. This can be circumvented by the Admin providing a one time sign up code for Coaches.

I believe I found it!

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