Automatic user selection from the drop-down menu

Hello everybody!
I apologize for my English!

I have an application for calling a courier, I want to set the time selection in such a way that when the User wants to call a courier, the application automatically offers him a time when the courier will be free from a previous order.

For this, I use 2 components of the drop-down menu and their filtering:

  1. time list
  2. list of couriers

the time list should be filtered by the list of couriers, namely by the entry when the courier will be free.
But, I faced such a problem - filtering occurs if I choose the courier myself from the drop-down menu #2
but I want to set it automatically so that only 1 record is pulled - a courier who will be released in the near future.
Tell me how to set it up correctly?
Maybe I’m doing something wrong and there are other ways to achieve this

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