Automatically Assign User to Record

I’m working on an application where a Vendor can input a list of their own customers. I want those customers to be able to login to the system, and see data provided to them from multiple vendors.

I have a table named ‘Customers’ which has a One to Many relationship with the ‘Vendor’ table. When a ‘Vendor’ creates a new 'Customer", I want to automatically link bank to the ‘Users’ table based off of the email matching what was put into the Customer table.

I created another relationship which was Users (One) to Customers (Many). I am able to Manually make this relationship work through the table, but I’d like to have this done Automatically when a new Customers is Created, I however don’t see that logic.

Anyone have any ideas if this can be done?

Hi @cashadams

An easier way to do this would be for users to sign up and either be a vendor or a customer and delineate that in the user collection.

Unless a customer has many users, you’re adding an extra step to the process. Typically for adding, we use a referral code. I’d love to see if anyone else has figured out a fool proof way to do the email matching, but we’ve found referral codes to be the safest and easiest. There are a few tutorials out there for how to do that.

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