Brainstorming Lack of Repetitive fields or lists creation by frontend

Wrapping my head around this for a Wedding list. I want the users to be able to add lists to the cart, but I would like them to create and name a wishlist or even varied wishlists (Catering, Photography) etc, and then they can either decide to keep it or push the list for the checkout and purchase it.

So the bottleneck here so far is:

  1. Adding products to a cart, but how to create a list and not going to checkout immediately
  2. Creating a custom list and name it
  3. Pushing list when I feel it is completed to checkout

Anyone has tried something similar? Thank you very much.Jorge

Wow… This sounds like a very complicated project :joy:

I’ll give the logic a go, not sure it’d work out in practice, but here goes…

Each user should have a field “Cart”, 1:n relationship with a Cart table. The cart is basically the shopping card for each user. Also add a field “Wishlist”, exactly the same as the Cart table.

The Cart and Wishlist tables should then have a field for each product type. In your case, Catering, Photography, Wedding accessories(?).

Those fields should have a 1:n relationship with their respective tables. For eg. Catering products, Photography products, etc.

In each table, that’s where you’ll have your product items here.

So when a user adds a product to their cart, it’d create a record in the cart, with the corresponding product type and product item. Or they could add it to their wishlist.

On the Cart screen, display all the items added to the cart. Also add a button to allow users to remove any item from the cart. If you expect users to add many items, perhaps add checkboxes beside each item and allow users to remove multiple items at a go.

Then have a checkout button that pushes all the items to a checkout page, where price and VAT are calculated, before pushing to a page with a Stripe component.

For the Wishlist screen, display all the items added to the wishlist. Probably have two buttons, one for moving to cart, and the other to remove it.

I personally think you shouldn’t allow users to create multiple wishlists, because it’d complicate matters on the backend and frontend. It’d open a lot more room for errors and bugs.

Sounds like a complicated job, but it’s inspiring me to try it out too :stuck_out_tongue:

The way I thought was like this at least in my mind works, I will start doing it today :smiley:

1 collection wedding items
2 wishlist collection
3 “real order” collection

User goes into wedding items, adds all items into wishlist, then it choose checkout or save to wishlit
This create a wishlist in wishlist collection

This is where now it gets tricky, user should be able to open a wishlist and be able to edit again, so opening the cart order and remove or add products. after this he would save again and checkout, if they checkout, it would be a real order and no possibility of changing order.

So how to edit an order(Wishlist) that was already submitted?

Not sure if we spoke the same language? :smiley:

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