Build Real-Time Chat, for real

Does it work now?

Sorry, did not try yet. I have to make a custom list instead of simple list used for the demo, then add the dot icon to show unridden conversations

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Link is down, how can i get a hold on to this component?

go to PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

Hi there, wondering if you were able to post the better way here, I wanted to implement it into my app using your chat component

Thanks in advance!

I’m not sure about group chatrooms ( trying :slightly_smiling_face: ) but for 2 person chatrooms how about this?

Thank you

Hello everyone,

I have tried the component and it’s amazing, but I am having a little problem. The messages are not displayed correctly on the chat creator account.

(left: other user, right: chat creator)

I added the chat component to each user’s account (they don’t share the same screen). The user to the right is always the creator of the chat, the left user will receive a notification once the chat is created.

The database collections required for this component are updating fine, and during the chat, messages are displayed correctly. But when opening the chat again everything is displayed in the wrong way.

Did anyone experience a similar issue?


Had to fill in “message data” again and it started working fine

Is there way to add images or videos in this chat? using some kind cms to host the images and videos like adalify?

How to avoid duplicate userconversation from being created with new conversation dropdown ? Also if put image user then it shows image of wrong name.

Hi all,

I’m running into a roadblock:

  • How do you check whether a conversation between 2 users already exists?

I want to navigate to a chat from another spot (say another users profile). I can’t find a way to check for this with the relations being setup like in the example.

Hi Steven,

Maybe this can help you!

Hi @TKOTC thanks so much for the tutorial I was able to integrate the real-time chat perfectly but I have a question, In the tutorial you can search via a dropdown among all users and chat with them. Is there any other way of doing this? I mean in cases where there might be hundreds of users and it’s difficult to go through all of them. Any way of doing it via search like on lists, or via a text input field? Thanks!

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I was able to solve it with a simple list with search in place of the dropdown.

do you guys know how to make it so notifications for the chat that your on don’t show up when your on the same page

I’ve have thought about this myself before, but never implemented it.
I think the way to do this, is to add users to a DB-relation (eg ‘active users’) when they are on the screen and remove them when they leave the screen. This way you can filter for it.

Wasn’t enough of a problem at my end so far to build it however :wink:
Good luck!

Thanks Dilon!
Late reply, but ended up going with a similar solution!

Hi all,

I’m running into a problem with the keyboard popping over the chatwindow instead of it pushing it up like normal.

Vid: RPReplay_Final1647711450.MP4 - Google Drive

Did anyone run into a simular issue, and if so how did you solve it? :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

It actually would work but I don’t know a way that activates an action when someone just turns off the screen when their on the page

Hey guys, I don’t know why the login of the sample Chat App is broken… Sometimes when you don’t touch an app for a long time, this and other small bugs came up :thinking:

Anyway, I’m building a new version with 1 by 1 chats and also Group Chats, just like WhatsApp. I will post it here once ready. Actually I don’t think there is some planned update for the component, but if you can deal with this problems, is actually the best chat experience for an Adalo App :

Reversed scroll bug : the scrolling of the whole chat is reversed : swipe up to go up, down to down.

Conversation starts on bottom : on majority of messangers apps, the first message usually appears on top. Here, we start from the bottom to scale consequentially up when a new message is sent.

Position not fixed : there is no way to fix the message input on bottom, even if you resize the screen to fit your phone, when you try on an another device, the input will be in a wrong position.

It would be could if we get some info from @TKOTC and @Mitch-Pragmaflow but I don’t see them around since a long time :cry:

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Hey @Eugen thanks for reporting these. We’ve been a bit slammed lately and it’s taken us away from being able to engage with the community. It’s also gotten in the way of component building.

All of these are open source and so anyone can deploy their own. @TKOTC has laid the foundation with so many of these components; a literal library of building blocks.

We love the community and when we have free time, we like to work on project like these. Helping other builders push boundaries, is pretty much our jam.

But because these are unpaid components, they need community support and contribution.
When I look through our github, I see very few contributions outside our team.

Let’s be clear, I’m sitting here talking shit and I’ve made one component, and Steve told me half of it. I’m not saying this with any type of moral high ground. Just saying it.

It’s know it’s hard. Still, It’s worth doing.

I encourage everyone who has a bug to clone the repo and ask for help in Get Help - Adalo

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