Building an Android Tenants App

Hi Adalo Community,
Would like to share with you the app am building. The idea of the app is not new, and a similar app is already existed in Google Play under the name of Tenants Rental Record, however, after trying to contact the developer, he didn’t bother to reply, so the idea of building an app started.

By the way, tried to outsource freelancers to build the app and their rates for building the app were from the minimum of $1500, $2000, $2500, and it did reach $10,000.
No one of them is willing to build a simple app for a normal reasonable budget, especially since the app is simple and straightforward. Moreover, since Google and Facebook listen to our online activities, a sponsored ad from Adalo appeared, and that was the second time to view such an ad, the first time it was ignored, but for the second time, said to myself, let’s give it a go, and it directly reminds me of which uses the same concept but for web apps (at that time thought that it is possible to use Bubble to build Android apps).
Figma Mockup
The link in YouTube since new users in Adalo can’t add more than two links.
After this long introduction, let’s share with you the link of the mock up in Figma. (Please send me your email to send you the link directly).
YouTube Link

Can you tell me how to export the data to Excel file and how to share the details such as
01/07/2021 - 14/07/2021
To the tenant WhatsApp or via SMS
Also, if the tenant didn’t pay on time would like the color of the room to turn red, if everything is good, then it remains green.
Thanks much :grinning:

If further details are needed, please do let me know and will provide it directly.

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