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I have information that I want to link to for each day of the year. What is best way to do this? Drop down menu of months then days? Or, calendar image where people please can touch date on calendar and it is then link to information?? Thanks.

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Is it possible to explain a bit what you like to do? You mean you have a collection that stored like events and then you need to display days and once the user clicks on a date it goes to a screen that shows the events of that clicked date?

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Hi. I replied to email that came to me and it didn’t go through…
I have several paragraphs of text for each day of the year. (Birthday astrology).
I want people to be able to enter birthdate and find out what that day means. Not sure of easiest way to do this. I’m populating a spreadsheet for each day of the year. People sound be able to choose birth month and day of month. Thanks so much!

Ah! Got it!

If a API is available for this you can do this easily! I guess there are. Will find it and let you know!

If you have a spreadsheet with that texts you can filter the list to show the entered birth date text! Is it possible to share that spreadsheet with us?

I’m working on sheet.
One column will have date, one column the information, one column will have a small photo.
Question. Is is easier to pay for api integration of a spreadsheet or do it in Adalo? I’m teaching myself and am not clear on a lot!

I have another reply but forgot to include this image. Is creating something like this possible on the home page so people can find their birthday? Once they put in birth date I want it to link to the text I have entered in spreadsheet for that day. Thank you.

You mean using a API or do it with a spreadsheet? Doing this with a API is easier because you don’t need to add texts to a spreadsheet but the text that you like will not display :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently you can’t create something like this with the Adalo Date Picker. You need to create a your own picker creating come collections to store the dates and show them on a drop-down. Yongki ( @Yongki ) has created something like this that you can find in this forum.

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Thanks but being so new I’m kind of lost. Are there any avenues to chat live with anyone that is willing to assist me?

Hi @LisaK,

Sorry for not getting back! What did you did currently? Founded some API’s but didn’t test it :upside_down_face:

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