Can I get lists of actions done for each user and administrator individually?

Hello! Please help with the application. He designed, branded and finally put together an independent application, which would solve the problem of packaging waste. The idea is that by returning the packaging, the corresponding value will be entered in the digital wallet, which would be intended for the purchase of products from the Partner Offer. Some kind of Loyalty Application for returned packaging. I surveyed a couple of companies from the future chain and they are all interested in cooperation, at the mention of the concept.
My question is whether with the application made in Adal I can get listings of submitted packaging for each user and Administrator individually?
In my specific case, these are the Collector and the Warehouseman, where only the approved Warehouseman can enter the amount of packaging received by the Collector.

HI @malicole ,

You can have ID for the packaging and read them whenever it is returned to any counters, that way, a record would be created to include which counter, time and how long from the last return, the one that deliver is user, the one that receive is administrator.

Adalo is the perfect choice to test this kind of requirements.