Can we do in-app currency purchase

SO I am trying to make a in-app currency system where users can buy stuff for the coins or currency we use in-app, is that possible?


Hello ! I ask myself the same question …!! I would like to find a solution … will it be possible to do it with “in-app purchase”? … :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

I found a solution, its epic for XP system I used XP, Automatic Ranks? - #3 by crmorris2

To a purchase system, just make a list, and databases, and make sure that purchase button removes points or XP.


Thanks a lot for the information !!

have a good day :blush:

No problem, happy to help!

Of course, it’d be easier to advise if you could specify which app you’d like to link the currency to. Not every app is suitable for particular money. I found an article about boost bonuses at forex trading market times, it’s about stock trading, but by analogy, the same system can also be applied to the app/games. Part of it can be used if you want to create, e.g., a dating app where conventionally, each user has the necessary amount of currency to buy bonuses or some other benefits. I don’t know if what I’m suggesting is relevant to you, otherwise, described in more detail what concept you’d like.

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