Can't associate groceries with current week

I’m trying to filter a list of ingredients. It goes like this:

A list of weeks, containing a list of Ingredient Categories, containing a list of ingredients.

The function of this list is to be a shopping list. So there is a collection of groceries that are related to the ingredients. Ingredients can have many groceries, groceries can have one ingredient. Groceries are also related to weeks in the same way.

The reason for doing it this way: I can list the ingredients needed for the week, and show the sum total needed for each ingredient.

The Problem: When I set the list of ingredients to Current Week > Groceries > Ingredients, nothing shows up. What SHOULD happen as I understand it is that it shows all ingredients with grocery records belonging to the current week. I can’t set it to Logged In User > Groceries > Ingredients, because then I still can’t filter by the current week.

This seems to be a problem with the relationship between weeks and groceries / ingredients, but I can’t figure out what is wrong.

I think you need to set relations as :hugs:
Week 1
Ingredient 1
Grocerie X
Grocerie Y
Ingredient 2
Grocerie A


Most important things - as you described is 1 the week, 2 the Ingredient …the rest follows…design it on paper ! :eyeglasses:
if I got it right…
…else, I was never great at cooking ! :smile:

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It turned out to be a little more complicated than just relating the weeks to ingredients, but it worked! Thanks!