Celo Wallets - Creating And Updating Users With Custom Actions

I am trying to use a button to create a Celo Wallet (www.celo.org) for my users and then update that users public key and mnemonic phrase with the information returned from the custom action. I’m using the Tatum API (tatum.io) to do this. The API call is very simple where it takes a URL and then “x-api-key” as a header with the API key. When I test the Custom Action it returns a public key and a mnemonic phrase. So I’ve confirmed the call works.

  1. The custom action doesn’t need any inputs to my knowledge. It is working without putting inputs in the Adalo Framework
  2. When I try to update the logged in user’s phrase nothing happens.
  3. I took out the “update logged in user” action from the button and just tried to show the phrase in a text input by “update text input” and nothing happened.

Where might I be going wrong?