Changing image according to previous action

I’m using Airtable as external database that hosts images. I have man and women pictures there. Right now I only manage to call 1 picture: man OR woman.

How to change the image according to what was pressed on the previous screen?

I’d say have 2 separate screens one for man one for woman

Good idea. Thanks!

@Eddie11255 In this regard I ran into a new problem: If the input field cannot have 2 submit buttons (to send the user to either the men’s or women’s screen after submit), then again with normal forms inputs it is not updating values in the user collection. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Chhhh,

Does the images stored in another collection with two records as Men and Women with their images?

Thank you

Man and woman pictures in the same collection in Airtable.

So there’s a table in airtable with a name and image columns and in there Men and one image , Women and a one image has been added and the total rows=2?

Users in Adalo collection. Stories in Airtable. Every story have man and woman pic in different columns

To clarify - If user selects a story and selects shes a woman, then i want to show her selected story + woman img. In airtable its 3 columns for every row (story, man img, woman img). Right now I made another screen after selecting the story that asks “man or woman” but wondering if its possible to skip this extra step for better UX.

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