Chat component issue

Hi I followed the chat tutorial video but am having some trouble.

I have two separate sets of users on my app. (Performers and audience)
I created a performers property and audience property in the users collection along with a true/false property.

They will be able to message each other so I made 2 more collections for this.

1st collection: Messages (Performers to Audience)
2nd collection: Messages (Audience to Performers)

I gave a many to many relationship between the 2 collections.
I made 2 chat screens. (one for performers chat with audience and one for audience chat with performer) (*Audience and performers have their own profile.)

I have 2 filters on each chat screen:

Screen: Performer chat with audience
1st filter: (Logged in user > messages (performers to audience)
2nd filter: (Current messages > user > performer > is true)

Screen: Audience chat with performer
1st filter: (Logged in user > messages (Audience to Performers)
2nd filter: (Current messages > user > audience > is true)

When i preview the app and send a test message from audience to performer or vise versa it sends but does does not show up on the other users end (chat).

Please help.

Did you follow the chat tutorial? It may give insight in to where you went wrong.

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Fixed the issue thanks

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