Check if property of collection changed

Hi, I would like to know what would be suggestions for “check if property of collection changed”. In my case: if a user changes his phone number I would like to trigger an custom action.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @liba2,

One of the possible options could be attaching this custom action to the button/for where user changes his phone number :slight_smile:

In Integromat’s Adalo integration you can also “watch records” and as I remember there is an option “By Updated Time” (see screenshot), but I personally never tested it.


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@Victor , thinking first not using Integromat ( I have an subscription there but always I try to do thinks with “native” or less “tools”):

  1. in regular form to edit user profile properties I couldn’t track if the value changed comparing Input field with database?
  2. if I just have 1 other screen with a form to change only phone the “challenge” is the same how could be compared the values from input and db?
    I was thinking if there is a way to use something as “temporary variable”, lets brainstorm this :slight_smile:

Hi @liba2 ,

Well, I think you did solve it by saying this.

You could create another property that is called previous content, then you can compare them whenever action is called, such as button, or even countdown with visibility if input is not equal to previous content, it can act as if there is validation happening, you can combine it with text showing up for warning or even call modal screen.

Just in case, here are possible steps:

  1. add additional property in the related collection to be the same type as the property you want to check, if it is number than the previous content property should be number, but this is obvious, sorry for stating the obvious
  2. if you are using standard form, checking process can be done after pressing submit button
  3. but if you are using input field, you can compare it immediately, because the conditional data can be accessed without update action
  4. add warning text with visibility that input text is not equal to current collection>previous content
  5. if you want an action, use countdown with the same visibility logic, in the finished action you can link to modal screen for confirmation or simply change input value of the input text to be something that you want

Hopefully the real steps are not much different than above.

And if you need more checking after another checking, you can also use hidden input as switch to be used in conditional and visibility, so it can be chained actions.

Adalo is powerful and most of the times can surprise us for its flexibility.


Thanks @Yongki , I implemented “db variable”, with some few checks, updates, countdown and messages with conditional visibility and WORKED PERFECTLY !


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