Collect different set of data under a single category

Hi all, I’m Daniel and I’m trying to build a mobile closet service.

Following its nature of identity, the service needs a feature where
a) users can upload the apparel items in their closet to the service
b) users should be able to coordinate a set of outfit with registered items in the service

I was able to set up ‘feature a’ no problem, but am having trouble materializing the latter
and was hoping if there’s anyone that can help me on this.

You can find this sequence in Screen 1, 2, and 3 on the top right corner of the canvas

To add a little explanation on how I tried to go about this sequence is as follows.

[Screen 1]

  • On this screen, the service displays the image of items registered by the user.
  • When the item is selected with a click, it will be redirected to Screen 2.

[Screen 2]

  • There are 3 Submit buttons under different forms for 3 each items (Top, Bottom, and Shoes)
  • Each will have Auto-Fill Data linked from the previous screen
  • With the first submit button on the very top, new set of data for Outfit will be created
  • Then the following 2 submit buttons will update the created Outfit data with each corresponding
    items (Bottom and Shoes).

[Screen 3]

  • It will show the selected items from Screen 1 as a complete set of outfit

So basically, what I expect with this sequence is to combine each data (Top, Bottom, and Shoes) into one (Outfit).

Please excuse me had my explanation not been clear.
I would really appreciate if you guys could take a look into it and give out some advices as I’m completely stuck here.

Feel free to take a look on the data set and how it’s organized.
Hope to hear from lots of you, thanks in advance!

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