Collection in collection, can it be done?

Hello. I am creating an app with photo competitions. A user can participate in a competition when he uploads a photo. On this app there will be multiple competitions with different themes. I have a problem that when a user uploads a photo in one competition, it is visible in all other competitions. My solution is that when I create a new competition, a new collection is made that includes: username, photo and caption. However I don’t have the knowledge how to do this. If any one has any idea how to help me, I would appreciate. I am able to connect via Zoom, Google meets, skype to talk to someone that can help me. Thank you.

Hi @Igor12 ,

Simply add another collection that is the parent of competition then link them with 1-to-M, 1 being the parent, M being the child.

I have made similar app for halloween costume photos, if you are interested, we can discuss.

I will try myself. If I fail then we can discuss.

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Hi @Yongki,

I tried very hard, but I keep failing the task. I don’t know in what time zone your in so please tell me what time will be most suitable for us to discuss my problem.

As I said I can call on any platform it’s best for you.

I will DM you.