Condition - taking place of the event

Hello Adalo,

Taking place of the event

The proportion of the men and women joining the event will lead to a condition according to the following:
If the proportion is 2:2 the following will show “taking place”

How can Inset up the visibility?

On the event you can add two number properties: Number of Men Attending, and Number of Women Attending.

When a new person signs up, you can use a conditional action to update the correct number property on the event.

Then for the visibility on your “taking place” text, you can set it to be only visible if the Current Event’s Number of Men is equal to 2. Then you can turn that text element into a group, and add a visibility rule to the group so that it’s only visible if the current event’s number of women is equal to 2.

Yes! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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