Conditional action with multiple fields + Refresh

I am new to Adalo and before spending too much time I wanted to check if what I want to create is possible please:

  1. I would like to get the user to fill a form with multiple fields and depending on the fields it would display a different page. Is it possible to create such a conditional action based on the combination of multiple fields?

  2. On some pages, I will display some news that may change from time to time. If I submit the app through the ios appstore, will the app be able to refresh if I make a change on the adalo platform only without re-submitting it to the appstore?

Many thanks !

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  1. that should work.

  2. don’t know. hang in there. you should get an answer


Hi @frankito ,

Both are possible and implementable.

  1. I use binary total method, which basically a multiple expressions combined, search that keywords

  2. Use custom list with auto refresh.

Thanks @Toddy for responding too.


Many thanks !