Connected fields -- "reaching the connection of a connection"

Good afternoon

I am beginner with Adalo.

I am looking to create the following :


The user can creates a list of favorite toys (name, connection to type of toys)
The user then create his toy list, by picking toys from his list of favorite toys.

I have a connection between Type of toys and Toy list.
I can not find a way to connect these two tables : i tried to add a action when submittig the form, but no success.

The purpose of that is to keep a connection between types of toys and toy list event if the Favorite toys list is modified / cleaned.

Is it something doable with Adalo please ?

Thanks a lot

Hi and welcome to Adalo,

can you please elaborate with a usecase that will help us undestand your problem

Thank you for welcoming me.

I tried to summarize my case below :

TABLE A : Types of Toys :
Car ,
Rocking horse,
Tin soldier

TABLE B : Favorite Toy List :

User can add item in the favorite toy list : “name” and “type of toy”, eg :
Lambo, Car
Samantha, Doll
Greg, Tin soldier

TABLE C: Toy list :

User can after add item to “Toy list” : only “name” included in his current (user’s) favorite toy list are displayed

When he selects Samantha, i would like to have a connection made between “C : Toy list” and “A : Types of toys”:
Samantha, Doll

When the Form is submitted, “Samatha” value is actually inserted into a free text field belonging to table C : When the user will eventually modify his Table B, Table C value will not be alterated (Samantha wil still be there, even in free text instead of connection)

Table B is usefull for me because there will be a lot of data in Table A.

Thanks a lot

Okay can you give more details about the database?

where are the toys coming from? (who populates the database)?
who adds the types of toys?
who makes the connection between toys and theire type?

TABLE A : Types of Toys :
Admin defined, not modifiable

TABLE B : Favorite Toy List :
User can add and delete lines
Name field is free text
Type of toy is a connection to A

TABLE C: Toy list :
User can add lines
When selecting available Toys, only toys created by user in TABLE B are shown
When submiting from, name of toy is inserted into free text field in TABLE A

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