Convert aab to apk easily on phone

Hi, this is for people like me who want to test their own native build on the phone before submitting to Play Store.
I found this useful and great app to convert your Android Application Bundle into APK format directly on your phone.
The app is called App Bundle Installer by lifesavi and i found it’s great.

Remember if you download your built aab from adalo to phone, rename it cutting apk. signature.
Exemple : application.aab.apk. — application.aab
Hope that helped !

Although this is of course an easier method than going through the Google Play’s “Test Tracks” we will not be able to provide support for apps that are installed on the phone through 3rd party services and we will not be able to guarantee that code has not been changed or misinterpreted by this 3rd party tool in the conversion process.

This stipulation will be added to our documentation shortly to make it clear.

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Sorry Colin for that

No need to apologise at all. The tool could very well be helpful for a lot of makers but I just need to make it clear where we draw the line in terms of being able to support the product.


Thanks Colin ! I found it is the only working tool on Play Store, i tried 20 of them but only that is working :blush::point_up:

That is the majority of the reason we cannot support it :upside_down_face:. We simply cannot trust that these tools will provide the same level conversion that Google does through Test Tracks.

So normal Adalo users can’t test their native builds on Android phone before submitting to Play Store? I think that is a big issue, at least for me

We are working on a way to provide the option to build an apk or an aab file. Why not just go through the Test Tracks though?

Because it takes days to upload on PlayStore, while i want to test my native builds in “real time” as before