Create a product reference verification system

Hi there,

I’m a newbie and loving Adalo !
But I have a problem. Indeed, I am creating thanks to Adalo a clothes marketplace.
In the database, I have a collection with all the references of the clothes, for example AB1253325.
To add a new garment, the seller must enter the reference of his garment. If the reference is not in the reference product collection, the ad will not be published on the Marketplace.

Unfortunately, I cannot perform this test with Adalo.

Does someone have an idea to implement it ?

I just want to create a screen with a text input (where the product reference of the seller will be written by the seller) and a button which will make verify that the product reference written corresponds to a reference in the database.

Thank you very much

Hi @Test_boutique76,

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You need to check first before creating a new row in the garment collection if the entered reference is not in the product collection right?

You can add a visibility condition to the create button! Like All Products Count > is equal to > 0. And a filter that reference property in the product collection > is equal to > input ( the text input where the user enter the reference ) If you like to keep the button visible and handle this with the action you can make that action as conditional with this condition!

Let us know if this is clear!

Thank you

Hello @dilon_perera,

Thank you for your quick reply. I followed your advices and now it works the way I wanted !

Thank you very much for you help :handshake:t4:

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