Create folders view like Google Drive


I’m Wondering if somehow it’s possible to create a folder’s view in Adalo.

In Other words i’m trying to make a file manager like google drive or one drive.

In that case I need to allow admin create folders and subfolders, with a list of files and only the users that have permissions could view the folders and files.

Anyone could help me bring some light to this?

Hi @juancarvalho ,

You can experiment with many-to-many relationship.

If a member is belong to that folder, they can see and go inside.

For other functions, that will require more efforts.

Hi @Yongki Thanks for your help!

It worked with 1 to many relationship.

I created a folder collection with itself relationship

I Followed some instructions of Erik Goins from Flyweel Studio, he actually made a video of how to do it. Here’s the video:

Now i’m going to solve another problem, that is a breadcrumb menu when users create many subfolders, then he can back to the folder without hit back button many times. (I’m building a wep app)

Hi @juancarvalho ,

That is great, happy to contribute, even though not suitable. :grinning:

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