Creating a blog for each product and posts inside each blog

hello there,
I want to create different blog-like platforms for different products where each user can access a product blog and see different comments and discussions about it from different users. I created a collection of blogs (of which I assign each one to a product through relationship) and then created another collection for posts (and created a relationship between posts and blogs since I want only the posts of the accessed blog to be shown). Now, for my posts screen, every time I input a post, it fails to assign the product blog to the post, even though i made sure to transfer the blog and product information from the previous screen. Is there a more efficient way to create this feature? If yes, how can i do so? I also want it so that the posts can be liked or disliked by different users, so how do I ensure that each user can only click like or dislike on a post just once and not keep adding to the like numbers by just clicking continuously. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Hello, I’ll be happy to help you implement this feature.

Thank you!

That would be great! What would you suggest I implement to get the desired output.
Thanks in advance

Sure, We can have an online meeting so we can implement the feature and the relationships so it can be ready without any bugs.

Thank you!

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