Creating An Editable Worksheet

Hi guys! I need some help please I can’t wrap my head around how to do this

So I am creating a personal development app.

I have

Topic/Category - I.e. Self Esteem
Class: How To Increase Self Esteem (Each class only has one topic/category)

Then I have a set of reflection questions for each class. What I’m trying to do is create a database of questions. Each class will have its own specific questions that I’ll assign in the database so it comes up on the class page.

The trouble I’m having is with the answers.

I want to create a space below where the user can answer each question for the class and when they do it creates an answers worksheet for them for that specific class. Then they can go back and edit it if they like.

However, in the database, I want to assign each answer to the correct question per user.

So if one user jumps on

  • Goes to Increase Self Esteem Class
  • There are 3 questions assigned to this class
  • The user answers all 3
  • It creates a worksheet of their answers
  • Then they have a page with all their worksheets on by them class
  • When they enter into the class worksheet they can see the individual questions for that class and their answers
  • They can edit this worksheet at a later date if they want

Is this possible?

Hi @GM2020 ,

Possible, but will take some time to even made an example.

If no other experts here are willing to show you the way, probably this require more commitment than just asking help.

But anything database related, is certainly in Adalo’s capability.

No worries thanks!

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