Creating Audit Tool App

Im attempting to create a facility audit tool where the user can complete and record a preset audit on one or more “facilities” associated with one or more “organisations”.

The audit items are predefined and organised into 5 categories. These are universal for all users.

I want the user to:

  • Create and update one or more organisations
  • Create and update one or more facilities
  • Complete a audit (associated with a selected Orgnaisation and Facility they have already created) by working through each audit item recording a rating, adding an image and notes. Then have this Audit saved.
  • The user can repeat this process any number of times on all facilities they have added.

So far I have:

  • created DB collection and user form for “Organisation”
  • created DB collection and user form for “Facility”
  • created DB collection for Audit Items" (predefined)
  • created DB collection for “Audit Items” Category (predefined)
  • created DB collection for “User Audits” to capture the user completed audits.

Im having difficulty getting the database structure and components in place to build the workflow of User starting and completing the actual audit process including the ratings, photo and note. I know I will need a form but not sure how to link the Audit Item list. I would also like a way to track the completion of each audit item so the Audit process is only marked “complete” when all items have been completed otherwise it remains “in progress”.

Any advice/tutorials/examples is welcome!