Creating Complex Validations

I’m new to Adalo and might not be taking the best approach but need to run a multi-conditional validation.

Take the following scenario:

Have a collection of animals which can do activities (child relationship). I’m writing the start and stop activity pages which contain a list of activity types (ie walk, cuddle etc) and need to validate the following:

If activity type = ‘Walk’ and animal’s can_be_walked flag = ‘N’ it should stop the save. Issue is from what I can tell there is no way to do true validation in Adalo except using a bit of half baked process having a blank page with Input Text fields you set to true during the save process using “Change Input Value” action and then conditioning the Create or Update actions using a pages combined flag. This sort of works but the issue is that Adalo’s action “Sometimes…” feature is single condition only.

Anyone know how to do actual validation on a custom form page please. Any suggestions would be great because Adalo is really good at most everything else except doing validations which is the most important part of U/I entry.

Thanks Don

So nobody has thoughts on this eh, kind of confirms my observations then I guess. Will just end the POC and move on to other tools. Shame though since this one had such promise.

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